Welcome to the “French Country Furniture Source,” your source for French country furniture – some with a Beach Rustic feel – decorator accessories, artisan handicrafts, and iron products – including fencing, French garden accessories, furniture, and gates. Peruse our galleries and enjoy the trip.

We sell by 20 foot and 40 foot ocean-containers to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and large individual or group purchasers able to purchase a container of furniture at very low prices. Our group program is fun and you can save a lot of money, too. Just get 2-10 of your friends together and buy a container of furniture at great prices. How great? You can buy a $2000 hutch for $600-$800.  Savings are in the 50% to 70% range off retail pricing.

If you are a retailer or in the restaurant/hospitality industry, we can arrange for you to buy directly from the manufacturer, probably at around 50% to 70% lower prices than from your current wholesale sources because you don’t pay for stocking and warehousing.


Container Orders: Containers are either 20 feet or 40 feet in length, the type of ocean-going containers you see in ports or on trucks being delivered.

Container Cost: Generally, a 40 foot container filled with furniture will cost around, say $25,000, + – $3,000, depending on the total number of items, size of the items shipped, i.e., more smaller items versus fewer larger items, packaging, and how packed into container.

Container Selling Value: The retail selling price of such a container is in the $100,000 range, + – $20,000.

Costs of Shipping, Manufacturer Local Fees, Customs, Duties, Container Drop-off and Pick-up: This is a variable. Generally, for the west coast of the USA, figure in $3,000 to $4,000 range for shipping costs to your door, depending on the time of year and a few other variables, including duties. We can get fairly accurate quotes for any location in the world once we know the proposed ship dates and points of departure and arrival.

Orders: we make and ship your order, and if needed, arrange to handle the shipping, transportation to your location, clearing customs, and all other details, too. Of course, you’re welcome to handle this yourself if you wish.

All of our furniture is produced and delivered fully assembled, unless ordered otherwise, much by artisan craftsmen. This means “fully made and put together” – the way furniture should be delivered to customers who appreciate quality. One look at our furniture and customers see the quality difference. We work with select manufacturers producing furniture from medium to high quality. We can quote both and the choice is yours.

Handcrafted Vintage French Country Furniture made by our craftsmen

Handcrafted Vintage French Country Furniture made by our craftsmen

The manufacturers we work with ship worldwide: USA:  UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Korea, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Taiwan, Canada, Slovenia, Brazil, Denmark, Australia, and Finland. We also arrange production from manufacturers who make proprietary lines and brands for well-known major retail chains.

We are now actively seeking new customers in North America capable of ordering by full or half-containers: We have the capability for producing special branding and proprietary designs, like the items below. Some customers in Western Europe order 10-15 containers per month on this basis.

A white showing with all pieces available in fifteen colors and finishes.


A full line of artisan crafted home accessories

A full line of over 1000 artisan crafted home accessories


For questions about ordering a container of “vintage-styled” French country furniture and furniture with a “Beach Rustic” feel, at container quantities and low wholesale pricing, email Bart Nedelman, Owner of French Country Furniture Source, using the form on the “Contact Us” page or the contact form at the bottom of this page after the gallery. You may also reach Bart directly at 949-467 9968.

Regardless of where you are located in the world, Bart can answer your questions and get you started with your furniture purchases. Bart is located in Southern California.


Container prep area #3

Following are pictures of organizing the final stages of filling a four container order from a well know retailer in the UK, including the final  quality control process and final planning for packaging.

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