French Country Furniture Source arranges container-sized shipments for wholesale distributors, retailers, and bulk consumer purchases for one or more end-user customers from sources primarily in Southeast Asia and China.

End-User Customer Program: this program is for customers who wishes to make a bulk purchase of a 20-foot or 40-foot container in order to furnish, say, a home, office, or work place. Savings are in the range of 60%-70% off the retail prices for these bulk purchases. For example, a kitchen hutch selling for $2000 at a major retailer can be purchased for roughly $600 to $800.

PRICING: Pricing is available upon request. We do not put pricing on our website for two reasons: 1) Currency valuations are continuously fluctuating, so pricing changes over time both up and down, and 2) we do not want our competition to know how we price to our direct purchasers.

Group Purchase Program: French Country Furniture Source can also arrange container purchases for a group of individuals almost anywhere in the world, as long as the container will be delivered to one location and unloaded within 3-5 days of the delivery of the container to the single location specified by the buyer(s). Savings are in the 60%-70% off the retail prices for these bulk purchases. For example, a kitchen hutch selling for $2000 at a major retailer can be purchased for roughly $600 to $800.

See more details of the Group Purchases Program under “Group Purchase.”

Container-sized Purchases: Following is a picture of a multi-container sized order for a UK retailer customer from one of our sources in Indonesia. Our Indonesian source makes furniture for well-known brand name retailers around the world and ships to customers in UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, France, Korea, Germany, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Slovenia, Denmark, Taiwan, Egypt, and Australia.

Picture: Multiple container assembly area for final quality control inspection prior to loading for customer in Europe.

Four container prep for shipment

Four container prep for shipment


Products: Finely finished and hand distressed furniture by artisan craftsmen – our French provincial furniture source has become our specialty.

Finely crafted French country furniture

Finely crafted French country furniture

Decorator Accessories and Handicrafts:

Each piece is individually crafted by hand and finished and each has its own distinctive personality, too. Every animal is provided with its own name tag.

French Country Duck

French Country Duck











Industrial Furniture Line:

Catering to the demand for modern designs, our industrial line represents the trend towards clean lines and solid construction in wood and metal.

Undustrial Stool








For more information about doing business with French Country Furniture Source, please submit the contact form, below, and we will get back to you.

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