French Country Garden Wood Ducks

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Our adorable French garden ducks are wonderfully hand finished in a variety of colors and poses, and many people put them in their homes. too. We even have name tags for them so they can get acquainted when they at their new home.

1 centimeter = 2.54 inches. Here is the link to the “Centimeter to Inch” chart; print it out if need be.

The easy way to convert centimeters (cm) to inches in your head is to take a cm measurement, say 50 cm, and simply:

  • multiply by 4, (4×50 = 200), then
  • drop the last digit (200 in this example), leaving 20 inches … actually 19.68 inches is the exact number, but close enough.

So our darling vanilla wood duck, above, would be, say 8.8″ deep (front to back), by 6.4″ wide, by 18″ tall…. and eats whatever she finds around the garden.

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