Vintage French Country Pigs

Who said pigs aren’t beautiful?


Welcome to our new website. Vintage French chests, boxes, kitchen and office decorator items  are fun. Especially French piglets!

By the way, we are converting all of our pictures and sizes over to both centimeters and inches. If you need to convert dimensions from centimeters to inches, you can either, 1) click this link  – “centimeters to inches chart,”  or 2) do it easily in your head, like so:

Take a measurement, say 50 cm, and simply:

  • multiply by 4, (4×50 = 200), then
  • drop the last digit (200 in this example), leaving 20 inches … actually 19.68 inches is the exact number, but close enough for most purposes.

Now, enjoy and pick out what your customers will love to buy from you.