French Country Product Listing

Following are links to our complete product line listings – just click on any link to view or download a complete listing. You can also download these listings in Excel to calculate container volume and orders. We make our product listing available to you on Excel so that you can also easily print out our listings to review at your leisure away from your computer.

The product listing pages contain: 1) product pictures, 2) dimensions in both centimeters and inches, and 3) ordering codes.

Note: These product listings and our website are securely kept on our Hostgator servers. Hostgator is a major hosting service with literally millions of accounts, so our product listings and downloads should be free of any computer or virus threats.

Prices: We do not show prices as we sell wholesale by half-container and full container, only. Please contact us for pricing or to discuss your needs or requirements. Please get in touch using this “Contact Us” link, the “Contact Us” menu link page, or call us directly at 1-949-467 9968 (California time).

Custom Special Orders: We welcome customer special orders for restaurants, hotels, and the hospitality industry. Custom orders are standard with us, as long as the lead time is there. Whether you need made-to-order furniture for a 500 room hotel or a restaurant, or our standard items, please don’t hesitate to call or email us for quotes and to get your questions answered.

Proprietary Furniture: Some of our customers provide us with their own proprietary designs and colors for us to produce. We have one European customer whom we ship 10-15 containers per month on this basis. We honor their confidence and privacy. Our customers’ proprietary items are not available for general sale and are not listed in our catalogs or product listings.

A note about colors: the listings and product pages do not show all our items in all of our different colors, as our listing would be even longer than they are. If you want to see an item in a specific color, just ask and we will try to get you a picture.