Shipping Agents and Brokers: Shipping agents arrange the containers for your order and are the easiest way for the novice to proceed. They will arrange for the container and inform you when the container is shipped, as will the Company, and also tell you the charges and help get your container from the port to your location. A good shipping agent is a value.

Customs Agent: A good customs agent is a must. They will prepare the documentation necessary to clear your container with the US customs so your shipping agent can arrange transportation to you. The customs agent often works closely with your shipping agent.

A good customs agent and shipping agent team are worth their weight in gold and can prevent problems before they occur, of if they occur, can help clean up the problem before becoming a major headache.

I have been dealing with good team exclusively since 2001 and am pleased with their service. Translink Shipping, Inc. (Los Angeles Branch)

If you have questions about shipping or customs, please feel free to email me at any time with questions or a call back.

Bart Nedelman

French Country Furniture Source