Terms and conditions can change from to time to time, so please check back before purchasing to review.

French Country Furniture Source and Frenchcountryfurnituresource.com are referred to as “(the) Company.” All currencies and/or moneys are US dollars.

Ordering and Order Confirmation: All orders, either one-half container (half container or 20 foot container or 20’ container) or full container (40 foot container or 40’ container), may be submitted by e-mail to Bart Nedelman, owner of French Country Furniture Source, at bart@frenchcountryfurnituresource.com. Email with the order attached is preferable for ease of communication. See “Contact Us” for contact information.

After receiving your order request, the Company will email or fax back to you on our Company order form and allow you as much time as you need to review your order and to ask any questions you may have with regard to confirmation of items, quantities, colors, pricing, etc., and an estimated shipping date and other particulars.

SHIPPING DATE is the estimated date your order will leave Company represented manufacturing facilities and DOES NOT INCLUDE the shipping transit time from the production facilities to your requested receiving port and transportation to your location.

For an order being shipped to the USA, please allow an estimated 3-4 weeks in transit to West Coast port locations and 4-5 weeks for transit to an East Coast or Gulf port locations. Occasionally, these shipping time estimates may be a week longer or shorter, depending on port delays, time of year, shipping demands, and other factors beyond the Company’s control.

For orders being shipped to other countries in Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, or the Americas, plan on a 3-6 week transit time, possibly longer. We can supply with estimated shipping times and costs once we have an approximate requested date.

Important – For your order to be considered a “firm order”:

  • The Company will confirm receipt of your order and email or fax back to you a confirmation of your order – items, quantities, etc. – on our Company order form, and the estimated shipping date and estimated transit time to your location.
  • Reconfirmation: To avoid mistakes or confusion, this Company order must be reconfirmed by you by signing, then faxing back or emailing this reconfirmation order to the Company.
  • At the time the customer reconfirms the Company order is correct, the Company must receive a 50% deposit via bank wire/transfer for the order within five business days. A separate payment for shipping charges and ancillary charges will be provided, as well.

Changes to an order: The Company retains the right to accept or not accept changes in reconfirmed orders after the receipt of the signed order reconfirmation. Prior to production and buying of materials for your order, order changes are possible. Some order changes involving different materials and quantities or items may not be possible (or may be) as materials for your re-confirmed order are ordered immediately after receipt of deposit.

Order Cancellation: Once an order confirmation has been signed and faxed/emailed back to the Company, and the deposit received, the order cannot be canceled once orders for materials for the customer’s order(s) are placed. Prior to receipt of the customer deposit, the customer may change or cancel an order at any time.

What is not included in an order: The cost of the order is for the merchandise and packing of the container, only, and does not include shipping or other ancillary expenses after your container leaves the production facilities.

Less than half-container or less than full container orders: In such cases, as an order is deemed insufficient to fill a half-container or full container, the Company shall inform the customer and request additional items to be ordered, but the customer has no obligation to do so (see note below). Such additional items should be ordered within five (5) working days of receipt of a request for additional items.

In the case of an order is larger than one-half container, but smaller than a full container, the customer can either: 1) let the order stand, as is, and ship it in a full container, 2) delete items to reduce the order to one-half container size, or 3) add items to fill a full container. The choice is the customer’s, not the Company’s.

Note: whether a container has, say 50 items or 500 items, or is full or empty, the cost to the customer for shipping is the same as the shipping company charges by container, not by weight (up to the maximum container weight allowed which we never hit in furniture). Therefore, it is more cost effective to the customer to fill a container in order to reduce the average shipping costs per item.

Should the customer fail to provide an order for additional items within the time requested, the Company reserves the right to either let the order stand or cancel the order. But, we would not do this without informing you first to allow you to first make the choice.

Over-ordering and Backorders: If an order exceeds one container, but is not sufficient for two containers, Company shall inform the customer and request a list of items to be excluded from the order to reduce the volume to one container. Should the customer fail to provide such list, Company reserves the right to exclude items at its own discretion to reduce the volume of the order to fill one container.

No Backorders: To avoid mistakes and shipping items no longer wanted, no backorders are created. Items not shipped can be given priority status on a following container. We try to avoid backorders by making sure we don’t over-order to begin with.

Packaging and Shipping: The Company guarantees packing and shipping, plus or minus 15% of those items that are ordered. Containers are packed expertly and tightly, but the exact amount a container will hold is not an exact science. Please bring to our attention priority or “must have” items like special orders, or say, quantities of certain items you may be promoting or selling a lot of, to help insure inclusion in your container.

Shipping Insurance: Shipping insurance is available at customer’s request and expense from the shipping company. We recommend this as occasionally a problem can occur and the cost is not high. Arrangement and payment of same is easily made with your shipping broker. These charges are normally added to the shipping costs and a detail is provided the customer. The Company does not charge or take any fees for arranging shipping insurance.

Payment and Forfeiture of Deposit:

  1. A 50% deposit for each container order is required within five business day of the reconfirmation and acceptance of your order. An order is not placed for production until the deposit is paid to the manufacturer(s) of your choice.
  2. The balance payable of the invoice is due within four (4) working days of the container invoice date, which is generally when the container is scheduled to leave the production facility and be shipped. Payment should be by bank wire transfer to the Company.
  3. If payment is not received by the due date, then a 3% per month interest charge will be assessed, payable before the container is released and shipped to the customer.”

Forfeiture of Deposit: If final payment is not received within thirty (30) days of completion of production, the customer will forfeit their deposit and customer’s merchandise, in part or in full, may be sold to another customer(s). In such a case the Company or any agent of the Company:

  • will not be responsible, legally or otherwise, or in any way to customer, for any losses or inconveniences incurred by customer by forfeiture of deposit or sale of ordered merchandise to another party, and
  • neither the Company or any agent of the Company will be responsible to replace to customer any forfeited merchandise sold to another customer or to refund any portion of the forfeited deposit on said merchandise, either in part or in full.

Inability to Take Possession of Container: If for any reason a customer does not or cannot take possession of an ordered container once it has reached its destination port, then the customer shall be held responsible for all costs incurred, including shipping, storage, customs, disposal, and any other associated or ancillary charges incurred. The Company will not be responsible or obligated in any way for the customer’s container, its contents, or for any charges associated with said container.

Customer Complaints – Defective or Damaged Merchandise: Complaints about the quality of container contents shall be accepted only if they total more than 5% of the total value of the container; such claims must be made within three (3) weeks of receipt of the container.

Note: the reason for this is simple: we receive very few requests for damage/quality control claims. Customers usually find filing claims for small damages to items or finishes is impractical as an item can usually be marked down 50% off regular price as “freight damaged” or “as is,” and still sold for at least 2x-3x what customer paid for the item. So a claim is usually not cost or time efficient, and actually results in less to the customer. For example, when buy for a store, purchased over one hundred containers and never filed a claim for damage. The reason was, although some items were damaged, I could always mark them down at minimum of 50% and still sell them for more than I paid for them. So it never made sense to bother with the paperwork to receive less and have to do something with the damaged items.

All claims to the Company must be accompanied by full “documentation” as described below and third party corroboration. The Company reserves the right to reject any claims not supported by full documentation and third party corroboration. The Company also reserves the right to request a Company representative inspect quality claims at any time during customer’s normal business hours, without prior notice or prior appointment.

Claims received after two (2) weeks or receipt of the container shall not be considered, regardless of their value.

Shipping Damage: Shipping damage is strictly an issue between the customer and the shipping company and/or insurance.

Damages and Documentation: Occasionally some items will arrive damaged or freight damaged.  For all practical purposes, we do recommend insurance to cover shipping damages or a complete loss of a container (which is rare) due to shipping company accidents or handling.

Again, we receive very few requests for damage/quality control claims as customers usually find filing claims for small damages to items or finishes is impractical as the item can usually be sold at 50% off as “freight damaged” or “as is” for at least 2x-3x what our customer paid for the item,  anyway. So a claim is usually not cost or time efficient and actually results in less to the customer.

For example, say a container with a $20,000 invoice cost has 1% damage, say $200, at cost. Since the retail selling valuation of the container goods is usually in the 5X – 8X range, $75,000 to $120,000, filing a $200 claim is often more effort for the customer than simply selling damaged item(s), discounted, say 50%, perhaps for $300 to $400, more than was paid for the items.

Should a customer wish to request replacement/reimbursement for damaged items on later shipments, for the purpose of determining the extent of damages and appropriate replacement compensation, documentation of claims must consist of the following:

  • A completed “Damage Report” form, supplied by the Company, for EACH item, plus:
  • A photo of EACH damaged item showing the specific damage or defect, plus
  • A completed “Credit Request” form, supplied by the Company, for EACH container.

Note: the Company is “flexible,” within limits, on this policy, as circumstances can be unusual. Any changes to this credit/replacement policy will be at the Company’s discretion.