We have an extensive line of hand-finished French Country décor furniture and accessories. Most of our production currently goes to “high-end” European and Asian markets, so our furniture dimensions are in the metric scale. We are changing all of our photos – literally thousands – to provide you both metric (centimeters [cm]) and English (inches), and names, for the U.S. market, so please be patient.

FYI: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. Here is the link to the “Centimeter to Inch” chart; print it out if need be.

The easy way to convert centimeters (cm) to inches in your head is to take a cm measurement, say 50 cm, and simply:

  • multiply by 4, (4×50 = 200), then
  • drop the last digit (200 in this example), leaving 20 inches … actually 19.68 inches is the exact number, but close enough.

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