Wrought Iron Furniture, Decor, Accessories, Fencing, and Gates

We have a full line of hand-made French garden accessories, furniture, accessories, fencing, and gates.These are all treated with rust resistant coatings.

We do proprietary pieces of your design in sufficient quantities and special restaurant, hospitality, and commercial production of fencing, gates, decorations, and enclosures. We request your plans when doing this work.

Below are pictures of our special design production work and of our line.

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Following is our “rusty” finish. It’s actually our protective coating giving you – dare we say it? – an attractive¬† “pre-rusted” finish. When you see “rusty” in the picture gallery, below, this is what we are talking about. Our customers love this look.

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Restuarant wrought iron decor pictures


Wrought iron decor, French garden accessories, and furniture.